Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gadget Geek Shaman

I haven't posted in a while. It seems life has this way of consuming time and energy. This leads me to believe that some days it would appear that there are random ferrel black holes running loose. Of course this is not the case... It is more like poor time management or bad planning. One can take comfort in knowing the universe is not ending in 2012 and there will be ample time to sort out these things while navigating climate change and if "organic-ness" really exists... The latter is an argument that leads to some of the most interesting debates... Not for today...
So, earlier this week I updated my smartphone and for first time in a very long while I'm pretty excited about new technology. I upgraded to Samsung Galaxy note which is very handy and does many things I've yet to discover. I do want to say this blog is not a commercial for Samsung. It is a blog about bringing worlds together.
In 2001 I purchased what was probably one of the first smartphones it was the Kyocera 6535. It was big... Clunky... Small B&W screen..... It could surf the Web poorly.... Had a calendar... Overall lots of potential with crude early cell technology. Everyone said this idea of a multipurpose device was going no where.... I felt this was smart technology... I felt this would change the world and given time it would reshape the world to a greener place. I'm not without my critics... Yet these devices have come along way and what they can do is change the world. Businesses run on them, families connect with them,revolutions are organized by them, artists create with them we keep up with each other and find new inventive ways to use them. They're not going away as our lives become more integrated with them.
This is a kind of global "shape shifting".... and shape shifting is the ability to move from one form to another at will. I have in a sense become a technological shape shifter by integrating technology with ancient ways to embrace the full experience of being here now. In doing so I have a global connection to the world and my view is very wide. This makes me far more sensitive to the issues of the world and working toward finding solutions.
If we are to solve the reality of suffering and it's causes then we need to embrace all the ways to shape shift into our future of
Technology, Sciences, Design, Arts, Spiritual development and the overall  pursuit to be better in the world.
As one of my teachers said,"... we must love everything we create. As long as we love what we create there always the ability for reconciliation and change..."

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