Thursday, August 23, 2012

The End....

I don't normally get political in my blog. My buttons have been pushed.  In the news there seems to be something reflecting a deeper sickness in a world. Humanity is struggling with suffering, on levels we have never seen before with problems that we have never had to solve before. 

Women make up the majority of the world's population and for the most part get treated as "less than" almost everywhere in the world. Rape, Oppression, Ownership, Slavery are just some of the ways women are trapped and abuse in order to suppress women's rights, choices and dignity.  This is inflicted by  “half” of the population, myopic laws, Governments, cultures and religious beliefs. 

 I have grown up in a privileged and wealthy country when compared to many other countries. It's called the United States. Growing up my family did not have much yet it was more than what most have in other parts of the world. I was able to make choices about where I wanted to take my life because other women before me fought to make that happen. I have the right to vote…. My grandmother’s generation was the first to embrace and use this amendment.  

I didn’t have to get married nor was I required to have children. I had the freedom to choose a career and to follow my educational pursuits. I had the option to take birth control when I need to and make choices about my body as I saw important to my life and my relationship to the world. I suffered a date rape in college and thankfully I was on the pill at that time. My life could have been very different.

Yet on the heels of the next United States presidential election... in the 21st century I might add... we are negotiating  ways to define a woman's right to her body and what she can and cannot do with it.... There is no excuse for this ignorance and oppression. We send women to war... women are an intricate part of the workforce...Women design, create, research, write, work in all industry, raise families, practice medicine, law, etc... We are everywhere.

Today in the United States for women one of the political soccer balls this election is the right to name a violation to our body called "Rape". No man has the right to define this.  Another hot issue is protecting the fetus as being more important than the woman who carries it. This idea of manipulating the language used to define life; the laws chosen and voted on to govern it forget that to bring "life" into this world you need a woman.
Women do more than just birth a baby... they feed, nurture, teach the skills to socialize and educate the baby to be part of society.  Women give up their life to create a "human being" ready for the world. In this world at this time, women have the right to decide if they want to do this and when they want to do this.

 Rape and the suppression of women has been a tool of war for thousands of years. No matter how it is worded, defined or rationalized it is an act of war on women.

The unfolding events from the news in the last few days illustrate the need for women to take a long look at the last 100 years. Then UNITE to put a stop to the backward lurch of a political party that would keep us suppressed, pregnant....and... In our proper "place"… The "place" they deem suitable for a woman... that place is without a vote.... a voice.... a sense of being....

It is time for a very big change and WE (women) must do it.