Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shamanism and the Cosmic Brillo Pad

Shamanism is a science. It works with the knowledge of the universe and manipulating seen and unseen forces. The ancestors of this tradition call such phenomena "Spirits" and spent many hours studying the forces at play in the world around them. Modern Shamans must do the same.

My resent research involves the theory of Strings, Branes and Multiple Dimensions. I am wanting to show the relationship between the visions of Shamans and their pathways into other realities and the folded up dimensions of strings and Branes that theoretical Physicists say are concealed in the tiniest of the tiniest below the sub-atomic scale.

Shamans often talk about passing through a "net" or field of threads as they move into another dimension.

Theoretical Physicists explain "strings" as filaments that are present between two sub-atomic particles. These strings stretch and relax in relation to the potential of a given substance. If we could see these strings it would look like a Brillo pad. Perhaps we could call it a "Cosmic" Brillo pad.... Now, These strings are key to understanding other dimensions. Where these filaments intersect are folded up dimensions. Physicists at this point are working with 11 dimensions. We live in 3 of "space" and one of "time"..... There 6 dimension folded up on the strings and the folding of these dimensions is another kind of "time".

(I would like to say at this point that I am writing this to a reading audience that might not have the vocabulary necessary to fully comprehend the science. I have keep it simple yet know that these principles are quite complex.)

When a Shaman takes a journey she/he moves with their consciousness into another reality. These other realities are inside ever particle of their being. To look at in another way.... If you become "Enlightened" you become aware or awake in all of of your realities through out time and space.... This would make you more solid, more present, more of the universe.... more alive.... more discerning.... etc... Master of the Universe?

"Oneness" takes on a new meaning when we look at from this perspective.