Wednesday, August 24, 2011


One evening I drove home from Plattsburgh New York. I decided to take the long way and not  the ferry across the lake and wander along the islands and in my mind. I was enjoying the glow of the sunset on the fields and the surreal way everything appears at that time of the day. It radiates the "magical". The sky had dark clouds and rain fell here and there adding to the overall visual feast.

That was the appetizer.... more was to come.... 

As I got on to I-89 south in Vermont the real feast began. Rain was falling to my left and the sun was setting on my right perfect conditions for a Maxwell Parish sky and a rainbow..... not just a any rainbow.... a rainbow so big and brilliant that you could not ignore it. The rainbow danced along the ground and in the sky... wrapping itself over the road... illuminating houses on hills with splendid colors... becoming brighter and wider as the sun shifted through the rain drops.... Earth magic of a higher order! 

This is the beauty and the balance in our world. Winnie the Pooh made the observation that all sunsets are perfect. Everyday the Earth shares something of its beauty with us if we pay attention. Rainbows are a magical event. They are a  recipe of water drops, light, refraction evoking the visible spectrum as a "spirit" of the now. This "spirit" inspires in us awe and to be present in that moment of awe.

The balance is found the connection between magical moments. The magic is seamless and abundant....Monday the rainbow....  Tuesday afternoon the Earth moved....  Today the wind blows and the leaves sing....

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