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What is oneness? We like to say we are one and seem to work towards a common understanding of this ideology yet we are some how deflected onto paths that really misuse the term. Some of this misconception comes from a lack of scientific knowledge and this is a place where "belief and "Intention"* do more harm than good. Science is the study of something.... In order to understand "oneness" you have to see how all the seemly chaotic and swirling parts fit together. In the cacophony of bits there is a profoundly deep and eloquent net of patterns that weave together and create the core to true understanding of "oneness" To see this you have to expand your view and at the same time look at the smallest of bits and fibers that create the world around us.
In the sub atomic world there are tiny particles that occur in pairs and between these pairs of particles there is a tiny filament. These particles and filaments create the atoms which in turn create all of what we see. These particles are so small at this point in time we can not even see them. Theoretical physicists have been working on understanding this world and call this particular area of study "String Theory". At this point this is the closest theory we have to a unified understanding of how the universe works. It is a work in progress and as more minds focus on it and decipher the mysteries its has, we will make more progress in better utilizing the potential of the universe.
String Theory also holds the key to understanding other dimensions. The idea is that other dimensions are folded up onto the intersections of these filaments. This can give us a huge insight into how meditation or the shaman's journey might work. So if we ask the question where do we go when we dream? Perhaps we go deeper into the fabric of who we are. Now, if we apply this to idea "oneness" then it gives us an open door to peek into. Over time perhaps we will see how time and space are linked and modulated by ideas, creativity, thoughts, actions, choices....etc.... As the exploration of this theory continues we can discover more links to how the mind, body spirit work together in creating reality.
( I would like to caution using these terms as loosely as the term "Quantum". Quantum theory in brief is the study of very tiny packets of information called "quanta". These tiny packets of information behave in a particular and peculiar ways. This happens on the tiny scale at which they exist. It is only at the Plank scale these rules of Quantum theory apply. As scale/size grows these rules do not apply and the theory loses some of it ability to work on more complex forms. Because of this the Quantum theory has many gaps in how it can help us understand the universe. Unfortunately, the term "quantum" has been applied to all manner of healing, ideas, bad science and such..... in a way that the theory does not work.)

So where do all these particles, strings and dimensions lead us?
We are never separate form anything. In fact it is our conditioned mind that says we must become "one"... and this is a false idea. Its is designed to set you up to fail. It says chase after something and when you do you never see what you are. It requires we see ourselves as floating alone and isolated in the universe waiting for some cosmic awakening to occur. Which is New age rubbish that only helps to further control and manipulate those who are vulnerable.

* There is a saying, " Intentions pave the way to Hell.". I'm not sure who said it first yet it has a very profound meaning if you look at from the magical/spiritual view point. To intent is liken to "trying" it does not hold a commitment or conviction. For example: You can" try to stand up" or you can "stand up".They imply to very different things and you get to very different results. Jesus told the crippled man to "walk" he did not say "try to walk".
* "Belief" is a tool in the tool box of faith it helps the individual to get through a point in time when the mind can not see how it all comes together. In the mind the individual knows there will some kind of outcome yet they still struggle with their ability to "know" and feel comfortable with it.

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