Saturday, June 26, 2010


There is so much being said about how "love" is the ultimate glue of the universe. If only we loved more or had more love it would be a better family, community, city, country, continent, world....and universe. It seems this equation falls short... or flat. We say we are doing our part yet the world seems less loving as populations grow and our demand on the resources of this planet are struggling to keep up. Maybe its time to look at the equation from a different perspective. Perhaps "love" is the by-product or the answer to the equation. We could start our equation with:

So, what of the infinite possibilities could bring us to that conclusion?

We could write:


Which sometimes is how it feels.... we stumble blindly along and *poof* we fall in love with some variable.... person, place or things. This kind of love is limited to our fickle ego and our emotional stability or lack of it.

So back to the beginning....

If we can go beyond love being something we become or need to get then it is a"Constant"... unchanged... happily permeating through out the universe... being itself.... something like the speed of light in our universe it is something we can measure other things against. We could also call this constant Divine... or God

So lets re-write the equation to look like this:


Now what forces or beliefs or practices can we juggle together to equate this constant force call love. Emotions are too unstable and tend to have a short lifespan yet their existence can have long ranging consequences.... similar to nuclear fall out.

One of the things about the universe we live in is that it has a certain kind of patterning that one could call "Beautiful".... and we know that looking at beautiful things creates a certain kind of respond that calms, inspires and soothes..... so, perhaps one of the parts of this equation is "Beauty"

We could write:


This seems incomplete. We need an action of some sort. Lets look at the creative process. Everything in the universe is in a state of creating itself or creating something else. Atoms create molecules.... molecules create things.... things create other things... on and so on.....

So let write our equation like this:

Love= Creating x Beauty


L(Dn)=Cn x Bn

L- Love
Cn- infinite Creativity
Bn-infinite Beauty


  1. Love this post! It's so rich.

    My first thought when reading it was that I think desire, rather than love, is the glue that holds the universe together. Like a magnetic force. One atom to another, one planet to one star, a sprouting seed to the sunlight, and yes, one body to another.

    My next thought had to do with the limitations of language, English in particular. We only have one word "love" in English to communicate so many types of experience.

  2. That makes sense to me!
    Love your blog...can't stop reading!
    Let me know if you are ever in California.